We’re Back (We’re playing Lovelands)

After the shock departure of Sheldon back in February the band have been busy trying to put themselves back together. Sheldon had been with the band for four years and his sound had become an institution for us.

We set about trying to find another person to replace Sheldon, this was hard and we tried quite a few people out. They were either too far away or didn’t suit the band.

Sam King now has taken the reigns though, plus he’s extremely local and called King so it can’t all be bad and yes, he’s related to the other two Kings in the band, being Nikki and Pete’s oldest son. He’s keen to keep the band rockin’ by adding his own blend of influences to the band, making the band slightly harder and a bit more metal (only a bit though) ha ha.

We’re playing Lovelands on the 29th September and this is Sam’s first gig. What an opener, this place is magic, I sure wish I’d played this venue as my first one.

We can’t wait to show off our new sound to the world. We’re moving into gig season strong and lively and better than before so make sure you catch us at a venue near you.

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