2016 has been a bad year for musician fatalities. We lost some huge people this year Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and now Gilly from The Inspiral Carpets.

Gilly had nowhere near the kudos of some of the larger musicians. That Madchester Brit Pop scene really had a huge influence on me from my teenage years, right up to the present day.  You can hear a lot of the Brit Pop sound in Spank melodies. It was an era of anthems and melodies, where indie met rock and dance and where Manchester raised its musical head above the parapet.

As I write this post I am sat listening to the Inspiral Carpets.  In the playlist on YouTube they are followed by James, The Las, The Charlatans, Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses.  Not all from Manchester but definitely all from a great era of indie music.

I will take this day to indulge myself in the music in honour of Craig Gill.  RIP Gilly, The Inspiral Carpets and the Manchester scene inspired a generation.

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